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Air Dehumidifier SEKOA

Sekoa, efficient low temperature desiccant dehumidifier 8 litres / day - by Air Naturel Effective desiccant dehumidifier with a capacity of 8L per day.  Suitable for spaces of up to...

Sekoa, efficient low temperature desiccant dehumidifier 8 litres / day - by Air Naturel

Effective desiccant dehumidifier with a capacity of 8L per day.  Suitable for spaces of up to 90 m². Low energy consumption, HygroSmart® function and Auto-restart function. Quiet and compact!


      - Effective at low temperatures (above 1°C)

      - HygroSmart® technology

      - Adjustable shutter & negative ionization

      - Continuous drainage

      - Turbo mode

      - Timer (1/2/4/8h)

      - Low energy consumption


Say goodbye to mould and ensure a healthy home with Sekoa, one of the most versatile dehumidifiers on the market. Thanks to its desiccant absorption technology (no compressor or refrigerant gas), Sekoa even regulates the ambient humidity at low temperatures.  It is effective from just 1°C.  Lightweight, compact and easy to use, this model is able to manage the humidity of large areas (up to 90 m²) in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way

Even in cases of power failureSekoa will restart automatically!

Sekoa, ultra-quiet low temperature dehumidifier; drying without a compressor

This versatile, efficient dehumidifier is ideal for homes with cellars, bathrooms and laundry rooms, humid flats and apartments (up to 4 or 5 rooms), and secondary homes and low attendance areas.  It is also an ideal solution to prevent damp build up in caravans, boats and motorhomes.

Below 18°C, this model is as efficient as a higher capacity compressor dehumidifier.

It can be highly effective in combating excess moisture which would otherwise provoke the development of dust mites, microscopic spores and allergens.

Very damp or humid air is responsible for the potential growth of bacteria and viruses which can cause respiratory problems and asthma.  Moisture and signs of oxidation can appear with resultant condensation on windows and other cold surfaces. Damage can also include peeling wallpaper and damage to many kinds of household equipment.

At home, Sekoa will absorb and retain humidity, improving the air quality. Using the product continuously will limit moisture on the walls and reduce any damp odours.

Drying clothes is also easier and cheaper without the need for a tumble dryer (and their energy inefficiency) as the dry air can be dehumidified and warmed (thanks to Sekoa’s dryer function). This model is also suitable for bathrooms without any ventilation (but the dehumidifier should be placed a minimum of 2.5 meters from any water source).

If you have a secondary home, there is no need to worry about the water tank because Sekoa can work continuously as a drainage hose is included. In case of a power cut, Sekoa will restart automatically. And it is extremely safe: if the dehumidifier detects any technical issue, it is designed to switch off.

For the best efficiency, we recommend placing Sekoa in a central point of your house.

Product specifications:





Ideal location

laundry, office, cellar, wine cellar and cigar room

Max surface (m²)


Dehumidification (litres / day)


Automatic shutdown when full tank


Continuous drainage


Air flow (m3 / h)


Tank size (L)


Number of speeds



Air filter, antibacterial filter in PET, ionization


Air Naturel

Noise level (dB(A))

<50 max

Consumption (W)

650 W (30 - 330 - 650)




Continuous drainage pipe (2 meters, outer diameter 11 mm) INCLUDED

Dimensions (HxWxD in mm)


Warranty (years)


PDF Manual

download the manual in PDF

Product weight (kg)


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