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Air Naturel offers a complete range of dehumidifiers for rooms up to 200m².  Our dehumidifiers have the most efficient technologies; compressor, desiccant or Peltier effect.

Suitable for any situation, our range of dehumidifiers is available for the home, bedroom, laundry room, holiday home, garage, office, storage room, etc..

A relative humidity of 40 – 60% is recommended for a pleasant indoor air environment at home or work. If the humidity in the room is above 60% the air is classed as “damp”, which encourages the growth of mould. An air dehumidifier helps to reduce the damp air in a room to an optimal level and prevent mould forming in your home.

Excessively moist air can cause bad odours in your home, dark marks on walls and window frames as well as water droplets on walls and windows.

Our domestic devices are able to deal with all humidity issues such as a bathroom or a cellar which is too humid.  Our best seller, the Desair dehumidifier, is an ideal option for this kind of problem as it is compact and quiet.

There are various technologies utilised in dehumidifiers, but which is the most suitable for your needs? Have a look at these explanations to help you choose. 

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  • Air Dehumidifier SEKOA

    Sekoa, efficient low temperature desiccant dehumidifier 8 litres / day - by Air Naturel Effective desiccant dehumidifier with a capacity of 8L per day.  Suitable for spaces of up to...
  • Air Dehumidifier DESAIR

    DESAIR air dehumidifier by Air Naturel Compact, ultra-quiet air dehumidifier suitable for interior spaces of up to 20 m². Low energy consumption and Auto-restart function.  Highlights:       - Digital display...
  • Air Dehumidifier KOMPRESSOR

    Kompressor, powerful, effective high capacity dehumidifier 40 litres / day - by Air Naturel Powerful air dehumidifier with a capacity of 40 litres per day.  Suitable for spaces of up to...
  • Air Dehumidifier ALBERT LITTLE

    Albert Little air dehumidifier by Stadler Form The Albert Little compressor air dehumidifier with an extraction capacity of 10 litres per day and suitable for spaces of up to 40...
  • Air Dehumidifier ALBERT

    Albert air dehumidifier by Stadler Form Albert compressor air dehumidifier is Albert Little’s big brother and has an extraction capacity of 20 litres per day and suitable for spaces of...
  • Hygrometer SELENA LITTLE

    Selina Little, the compact hygrometer by Stadler Form The Selina little hygrometer clearly displays the relative humidity rate and the ambient temperature of your home! Selina Little works with an ingenious smiley system, a smile indicates that everything is fine, while an...
  • Hygrometer SELENA

    Selena: the hygrometer by Stadler Form The Selina hygrometer clearly shows you the relative humidity rate and the ambient temperature of your home.  As well as the time. For optimal comfort, we recommend keeping a humidity level...
  • PUMP IT UP lift pump for air dehumidifiers

    Lift pump by Air Naturel for domestic air dehumidifiers Pump It Up is a lifting pump from Air Naturel. Small and compact, it is designed to evacuate the water collected in...
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